Wheelbarrow Efforts

It's something to do

The Wusselies were very musical.


John was among the finest cornet players the Salvoes ever had; Lilly had a fine voice; whilst the boys were prevented from turning professional by parental edict—perhaps he in his time had similar treatment.

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I’m old. Well, I’m nearly 70. And I was half paralyzed by stroke in March 2005. So I sit around all day “Trying to find lots of things not to do”—as the song has it.


I’ve spent a little time and money tracing the ancestors, and yes, I’ve got drunkards and prostitutes among them. So, it’s a fairly normal family really.


I might fill in some detail in a blog. But then I might be too busy thinking. Depends. Whatever.


As the Irish comedian used to say “Let your God go with you”

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